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It has been a bit crazy so far. But I've been told only the first 100 years or so will be like that.

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You would think in 21st century, malnutrition and hunger should not exist.
Of course there are lots and lots of people who live in poor areas of the world who don’t even have clean water to drink, let along enough healthy food. And that is a big problem.
But maybe even more sad is that there are lots of people in very wealthy nations, like here in the US, who either don’t have access to enough food, or to healthy food. And by healthy food I don’t mean organic free range gluten free, fair trade locally grown, artisan stuff. I mean food to provide their basic daily recommended needs with less then minimum allowed doses of harmful substances.
This is more sad, because it means that we are not able to fix hunger and malnutrition even when there is money and political and economic stability.
I remember back in Iran, when I was a kid, there where lots of educational program, in school and on TV about the importance of Iodine and using Iodine enriched salt, and by the time I got to be a grown up and became a doctor, Iodine insufficiency was no longer a significant health issue. As a matter of fact I never personally saw a single case, while it had been prevalent when I was a kid. That is something to be proud of.
And this kind of progress, is something that can and should happen everywhere, all the time. We just need to find the right combination of economic and political stability and the will of the people and the right amount of government interference and personal liberties …
It is HARD, but we should do it.