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It has been a bit crazy so far. But I've been told only the first 100 years or so will be like that.

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You want to buy a car. It is 21st century. And you leave in the United States of America.
Your life should be easy right?
Of course your life is easier than the majority of the people who are living or ever lived on earth given the above.
But, still you’d think when you want to buy a car, you should be able to go online, look at the options, get a feel of what is out there, decide what you want and buy it. Right?
The problem is some people involved in this process over the course of it’s short history, got into this position of making money off peoples lack of options and information.
It feels as if you are playing an intricate game of chance.
For example, I want to buy a new Subaru, wrx, hatchback, with keyless entry, and remote start, and LED lights.
I don’t need the damn navigation system, I don’t ever use it, because I am spoiled by my phones turn by turn navigation. Neither I want to pay monthly feels for Satellite radio. Or even your supposedly fancy apps. I have my phone. and I have a ton of choice. Even if I wanted to use Pandora to listen to music (which I don’t because spoiled me) I use my phone, which is already has internet connection and ready to do so.
Anyway, people, you are charging me tens of thousands of dollars for a car, be a bit more transparent and flexible.