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Ali Moeeny MD PhD

It has been a bit crazy so far. But I've been told only the first 100 years or so will be like that.

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I don’t need to tell you that like myself, you have rarely stuck to your life long plans. We all make grand plans every new year or every time we are moved by a book, story, movie or a supposedly “life changing” experience. Depending on how busy we are with our daily lives and depending on how we manage to keep that goal in front of our minds eye, we usually have forgotten all about it in a few days. I don’t know why that is. But that is not even important. The important thing is people have developed ways to deal with life long plans over the millennia. And that is to have a support group with a calendar. Like you have all sorts of religious groups that stick to a calendar and reward each other (usually not materially) for sticking to the goals and plans and punish each other when someone drifts (by shaming, or fines or more severly). Now, I being who I am, would much rather find a technological solution to this. The important question is can we replace the “long term goal oriented support groups” partially or entirely with technology? or at least enhance it to reduce its problems and abuses?