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It has been a bit crazy so far. But I've been told only the first 100 years or so will be like that.

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I was watching this music video from Garfunkel & Oates called Loser .

It got me thinking about being a loser, or fear of being perceived as a loser.

In my case fear of being perceived as a loser is one of the strongest forces that creeps in whenever I am planning for something or trying to get a project off the ground.

As it happens lots of the things that I love to do in my life has a strong public side and if I fear that I might be perceived as a loser by anyone (even if I think I am not) this can affect my decisions.

Which is very unfortunate.

So what I need to do is to keep reminding myself, or find someway to change my mind about the significance of other people’s perception of what I do. If I think something is worth doing, I should not care much if others think it is not. Or if I think “being a loser is better than not playing at all” then I want to play even if I lose.