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Ali Moeeny MD PhD

It has been a bit crazy so far. But I've been told only the first 100 years or so will be like that.

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I think I know what I am doing. I think I think and deliberate and use my brain and use my instincts to decide and do stuff or react to stuff.


But as we understand it so far, it does not look like that is how “I” work.


I make decisions, I react to stuff, I do stuff and then I tell I why I must have done it. I tell a story to myself about how I come up with that wise decision. Or how that irrational thing I did and am doing is the right thing to do.


This is a fundamental problem. We need to do something about it.


If it was the old days, I would say a new philosopher needs to come and change our view about ourselves.


But it is very likely that we need a couple of people to found a start up and change our view about ourselves.