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It has been a bit crazy so far. But I've been told only the first 100 years or so will be like that.

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Today I was watching this beautiful video titled Memorable Things about Childhood from the School of life channel. Although I grow up in Iran during years of revolution and war and international sanctions and in a country that is still trying to create and establish it’s modern day identity. It was fascinating to see how much of the childhood memorables mentioned in this video overlapped with my experience.

Thinking about childhood, reminded me of something else I often think about. A large portion of out fundamental belives about how the world works an how we should behave comes from what we “learn” as kids. Because most of us are not exposed to the “real world” as kids, the majority of what we learn is not centered on the reality. It is skewed by our parents belives and our cummunity norms and by the law etc.

I wish there was a way available to me to explore these fundamentals my belive system and revisit them every now and then and tweek them as I see fit and as I get more experience throught out life.

One case that comes to mind is our attitude toward money. I think the majority of people fall into one of the two exteme categoreies also there is a remaining minority which are in the middle. One group think money is some sort of necessary evil. You need to make money beacuase there is no way around it but it is not something you talk about much or mention it to your kids. The other group thinks makeing more money is the goal of life. they literally belive your “net worth” shows your worth as a human. There is this third minority that has a more “rational” approach, that goes something like, you need money to leave, the more money you have the better you can control your life and the life of others that you care about and you should spend a lot of energy on making at least reasonable amount of money.

My limited experience shows that people from poor countries and people from very capitalistic countries fall into the two extreme categories. While people from countries with higher living standards and social support (places like Sweden, Denmark, even Germany, …) have more reasonble and realisitc approach to moeny.